Facial Pressure Point Massage (Earn 5 CEUs)

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Teach Your Hands To Dance with this Gentle Technique

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Contributes to general wellness, skin tone and circulation
  • Relieves stress on your hands
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Whether you have practiced aesthetics for many years or are new to aesthetics, learning new massage movements is like adding spices to your recipe. These speciality techniques will be enjoyed by both you and your clients. Each of the face and neck movements are independent movements that you can select and incorporate based on the client’s skin and your personal preferences.

Do you worry about carpal tunnel or stress related hand injuries? Worry no more with this method. It’s gentle on your hands and benefits your clients with its soft, rhythmic, static pressure.

Pressure Point Facial Massage

A good massage is like a dance choreographed between you and your client. Fluidity, continuity, and suitability for the client are key components. To build your skills, practice these movements and start blending them into the massage you have already learned. Vary the massage slightly from time to time for your client so you do not become totally predictable. Your client may comment that he or she especially enjoys a specific movement, which you can note and include in every treatment the client receives.

Also, be advised that adding new massage movements does not mean you have to learn a new massage. You just master the new movements and incorporate them at logical points in your current massage, where they flow smoothly and rhythmically.

Facial Pressure Point Massage 1  Facial Pressure Point Massage 2

I have to learn this!
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The Advantage for Aesthetician Is That It Is Easier To Lean and Safer to Incorporate

Facial Pressure Point Massage is easy to learn, it requires no special equipment, supplies, or oils, and can be performed as often as once a day. It is easily incorporated into any facial treatment at any time in the facial treatment, however, it is usually recommended as the final close of your regular massage or in place of regular massage.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Touch the skin
  2. Apply Pressure
  3. Release Pressure

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